FAQ Book.Golf

What does Book.Golf offer ?
Book.Golf is a private sales platform that offers "Golf" and "Golf + Hotel" packages, as well as golf accessories, at discounted prices.

How do I make a purchase ?
Click on the item, select the quantity and choose from options if needed, then click on "Add to cart". You can then proceed to payment.

What payment methods are available ?
You can proceed to payment by credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express) or by Paypal.

L’article n’est plus en stock, que faire ?
If an item is no longer in stock, you can be informed by e-mail when it is back in stock. Click on the item then on the "Register for sale" button.

How to manage my favorite golf courses ?
You can manage your favorite golf courses from your Book.Golf account, tab "Favorite golf courses"

How many holes can I play with my voucher ?
Your voucher is valid for an 18-hole course. If you play on a 9-hole course, you can use your voucher twice.

For how long is my voucher valid ?
Les vouchers Book.Golf sont valables 1 an à compter de la date d'achat, tous les jours et à toute heure durant les périodes d'ouverture du golf et de l’hôtel (sauf conditions spécifiques mentionnées sur notre site avant l’achat).

Who can use my voucher ?
Book.Golf vouchers are non-nominative. You can use it yourself or as a gift to someone else.

How do I use my voucher ?
To use your 'Golf’ or ‘Golf + Hotel’ voucher, contact the golf course and / or the hotel to make a reservation (teetime / room), mentioning the use of a Book.Golf voucher. You can find all the contact details (e-mail and telephone) of the establishments on your voucher. Do not forget to show your voucher to the golf reception / hotel upon arrival.

Est-il possible d'utiliser les deux vouchers à des dates différentes ?
Oui, c'est possible. Ils pourront également être utilisés par deux personnes différentes.

Where can I find my voucher ?
You can retrieve all your vouchers from your Book.Golf account, tab ‘Vouchers’.

Can I get a refund ?
Vouchers are not refundable. However, if under the conditions mentioned during the purchase, reservation request with the golf / hotel is not possible, we will proceed to a full refund.

How can I book a teetime online ?
On the golf page, use the reservation module displayed on the right. Choose the date, time, number of players and course, then click on "Book". You will receive a confirmation e-mail when the request has been approved by the golf course.

How can I view my orders ?
You can view all your orders from your Book.Golf account, ‘Orders’ tab.

Ordering from the proshop ?
If you have ordered an item from our proshop, you will receive it within a few days by post, to the address specified when ordering.

How can I manage my preferences for receiving Book.Golf offers ?
You can manage your preferences from your Book.Golf account, tab "Newsletter & SMS".

How can I contact the Book.Golf team ?
You can contact us :
- Par téléphone au +33 (0)1 84 16 44 50
- Par e-mail à contact@book.golf
- Par WhatsApp au +33 (0)6 50 36 51 21
- Via le formulaire de contact de notre site
- Via notre agent conversationnel en ligne (bulle rose, en bas à droite de l’écran)